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Philadelphia, PA #1
The First Union Center
June 11, 2001

Start Over


The first Philadelphia show. I got separated from everyone thanks to the pokey people at the gate and ended up all by myself next to a real *jerk* on the rail right in front of the Edge :) Not a bad vantage point by any means. Again, I was using my Canon Snappy LX and Kodak Max 800 film. I didn't have time to get the pictures developed between shows so I had no idea how they were turning out. But with this show I started turning the camera up to get a picture standing up rather than the long way across. It's easier to photograph people that way especially when you're so close to them. This was definitely Edge's Night. The man was on fire and I got tons of great pictures of him when he'd come to the edge of the stage and just PLAY this amazing music. Here are several of them.


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