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Boston, MA #4
The Fleet Center
June 9, 2001

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This was my very first U2 show *ever*. I had packed my camera with ISO 800 Kodak Max film and was hoping for the best. One roll was in the camera, the other in my pocket. Sometimes I remembered to cover the flash, other times I didn't. My vantage point that night was on the rail in front of Adam Clayton. There was a speaker or light or WHATEVER in front of us, so even if Adam was only a few feet away, there was this huge thing blocking our view of his feet and the back of the stage. A security guard was also really nearby and even though I tried really hard I couldn't always photograph around him. My camera was a cheap Canon Snappy LX, several years old with no zoom, no flash modes... nothing. I'm surprised some of these turned out as well as they did. The fourth night in Boston was amazing. The scuffle between Bono and the security guards happened right in front of us. I could have gotten great pictures, but I think I was so shocked at what was happening that I didn't take any. Oh, well. If anyone has any, please e-mail me!

The guy who ran up on stage during "Walk On" at Boston 4 has written out his story including some pictures of him and Bono that night. It's a cool read. Go check it out at this URL. You'll be glad you did. Thanks for sharing, Diamond!


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