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You have now reached heaven... Just kidding but welcome to the picture pages. Obviously, these will take forever to load so please be patient. I've arranged them per concert instead of per band member or something. These are photographs I managed to take during the Tour of the band. I'm not a professional photographer and don't make money off of these but please remember that these are MINE so don't pass them off as yours.

Thank you so much to Canon, Kodak, and my local photo shop. I've scanned all these in from the original prints and have only altered them in a tiny way to sharpen or lighten and try and fix the hack job Ritz Camera did with these. I shoulda just taken them all to the pro shop but I *needed* to see them right away!

Let me know if you'd like a larger scan for your computer to use as wallpaper or something. The pictures are pretty small pixel-wise to cut down on how long you have to wait to download them but I CAN scan them in huge, so don't hesitate to ask.

USA Boston 4, June 9th
Philadelphia 1, June 11th
Philadelphia 2, June 12th

Manchester 1, August 11th
Manchester 2, August 12th
Birmingham 2, August 15th
London 3, August 21st
London 4, August 22nd

Slane 1, August 25th

USA 2 Philadelphia

Note: The picture pages are arranged in JavaScript slide shows. You need IE or NS version 4.0 or later to see these. It will NOT work on earlier browsers and I will NOT change them so 3.0 or below can see them. Sorry. Upgrade your software. Also, IE is a much better browser for JavaScript than Netscape. A screen resolution of 1024x768 will also make it much easier to see everything. Unless you have a laptop, you should probably be working at that rez anyway.

Note #2: I didn't take pictures at either Slane show (had other things to think about). There are some scans of the very best shots of all the paper crap I brought back with me for Slane 1. Nothing at all for Slane 2.


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