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Here's where the day to day events of the U2Tour Odyssey are recorded. Of course not ALL days and ALL events. Just the major ones that could be of ANY interest to people out there that I don't know. You don't have to hear how it was that I found a good deal in shoes on Dublin's northside or the Italian waiter incident. This is stuff that has to do with U2 and the tour directly.

The bulk of the photographs are in the photography section (obviously) so don't look for too many of them here. In reality, the WHOLE site is a diary. This is just the written part.

The difference between this Diary section and the Reviews section is that the Reviews deal exclusively with the U2 performance of the night. The Diary records all the other things like the fight to get the tickets, waiting in the rain to catch a glimpse of the band, meeting with other U2 fans etc...

The Price of Admission

Philadelphia #1
Philadelphia #2
Slane, Ireland
Manchester, England
Manchester, England #2
Birmingham, England


The Others Grammy Award Night, 2001
Opening Night in Philly
In the arms of America Boston, June 9th
Philadelphia, June 11th
Philadelphia, June 12th
Summer in the UK, 2001 Manchester #1
Manchester #2
London #3
London #4
Sunset Slane Castle, Ireland
Slane Castle 2




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