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About the Links:

These links are of sites that relate to U2 fans in the Delaware River valley, more so than fans from other areas.

It can be nice to have everything all in one place, though I know that the Yahoo Groups thing allows us to have our own page of links as well. But one more links page won't hurt, right? :)

E-mail me with the URL and a one-liner description of a site if you come across something that you think should be on here. No links of general U2 interest will be accepted here, though. This is not what this is for. Just thought I'd let you know :)

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U2PhillyFans Flickr Photo Group

The group's own corner of photo-sharing giant Flickr. Get your free subscription, add pictures to the group pool, comment on everyone else's shots, find other people's pictures easily, and have discussions right in Flickr. Extremely nice service. If I wasn't such a code control freak, I'd use it instead of the php photo library.

Fado's Irish Pub and Restaurant:

Our watering hole. Where the U2PhillyFans club gathers for dinner, music, and talk. It's not 100% Irish (tries too hard) and the music's too loud, but still a cool place.

U2PhillyFans Online:

The online message board where the subscribed members of the fan club communicate. To post, you have to be subscribed (Yahoo's rule, not ours) but anyone can read it.

The Unforgettable Fire:

The U2 cover band. Though operating out of New York City, they're close enough to us, right? Check out their website for dates and locations for their next show. GO to these guys' shows if you can. They're great.

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