Lit & Lyric

This is the main part of the site, the part that gives us our name on the web. It's also the most difficult. More than one person has asked if we could make it searchable. Full searchability is currently beyond our technical skills but we do recognize there must be a way to make all this easier to navigate.

We've chosen to go along the well-traveled route and do it by album. Some entries concern more than one album or song. They have been placed with the album heading they concerned THE MOST (that being an admittedly arbitrary designation). Anything not a major release (Passengers included) has been lumped under the "Extras" category.

As always submissions are requested since you can't expect us to do all the writing on this site. Your submission will be placed in the heading that it seems to fit the most. And to those familiar with the old site, credit is now given before the submission, not after.