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From U2 to you - The band's very own official presence on the web. Though there's the occasional video premiere or exclusive footage, for the most part it's far behind in terms of news and sorely lacking in terms of coolness. Expensive subscription.

Best of the news today

@U2 - News, Deals, a Collectors Guide, Polls, Comics and a whole lot more. NME called it the "best U2 fan site" and for good reason. Furiously updated.

U2LOG.COM - The site to first carry the "Stuck In a Moment..." video. Visually appealing design done by a true CSS master. Maybe U2 should hire him to do their site. - From, this site documents previous U2 tours as well as significant live appearances such as the one at the Super Bowl. Pictures, facts, and stories from those who were there. Beats similar name but don't be fooled.

Best U2 worship sites

U2Fansites - Nice, searchable link bank. Also well-designed. It looks like, happily, the days of sloppy sites and animated gifs are slowly beginning to run out.

The U2 Mansion - Once one of the best-looking U2 fansites but now down for a long time. This link is here in case it does return.

Take Me Higher - Rather odd choice of colors and layout's buggy, but it's fun. One of the last sites left standing. So many have bitten the dust and gone away in recent years. Maybe everyone's just grown up and moved away.

Performance Photography - Excellent and *plentiful* photographs from the PopMart and Elevation tour. Great job, Otto! Unfortunately, people stealing pictures has lead him to take the fateful step of putting a banner on all photographs.

Ayaz Asif- Strangely this guy's U2 pictures have been oddly off the radar and some of them are the best I've seen from the Vertigo tour. Go see! Go pine!

Not necessarily U2

A List Apart- A huge inspiration and help in getting version 5 up and on the web. An online magazine written by CSS/ XHTML gurus for people who want to be like them.

The Irish Times - What ends up on U2's doorstep in the morning. Includes a webcam onto O'Connell Bridge so you can be there even if you aren't.

STA Travel - Stop looking through the webcam and get yourself to Dublin! Though this site targets mostly students, anyone on a budget and wanderlust should check it out.

Lonely Planet - More travel help. Get online info, hear what other travelers have to say, get the inside scoop... and the best travel books. No, they're not paying me to advertise.

BBC- Unequaled. CNN wishes it could grow up and be like it. Far, far more than just the news, though the news comes to you in intelligently written articles or free video streams. World, local, tragic, weird, history, comedy, gossip, pictures, sounds, movies. Everything and anything. One of the web's very best.

Wikipedia- A clear example of the best of the web. A free, constantly updated, and accurate news source and great research tool... in many languages.

Q Magazine- Drop that Rolling Stone! Unfortunately Q's website doesn't match its paper version's excellence. Articles and reviews are written so well you'd think you were reading a serious news magazine and not some music journal. Musically, the best.