This is where J's U2 wallpapers can be found... in case you hadn't figured that out already. According to J's wishes, they're divided into two categories, non-video and video. That should be self-explanatory. Navigate to one of the two pages from the links to the right beside the title. For those of you still on dial-up, these are graphics-heavy pages and they may take a while to load, depending on how far away you are from your server etc. Click on the thumbnails to see the file in another window.

U2Literary hosts these wallpapers. We have nothing to do with their creation, cannot make other ones for you, cannot field requests, and will not take either praise or criticism. The only one who can tell us what to do with these pictures is J should he choose to surface again.

The full wallpapers are mostly the 1024x768 size; some are the 1600x1200. File size varies between 200 to 400+ KB. We will not cut, edit, or resample them for you.

All questions and comments not having to do with the actual presentation of these wallpapers on the web should be directed to their creator J whose last known e-mail address was atyclb @

Thank you and we don't mean to sound uptight but we're tired of receiving hate mail/ fanmail/requests/ etc. Now go back to what you were doing...