Welcome to v5.0

NEW 15 July 2006: All new submissions to the Lit & Lyric section will now be placed at the top of the appropriate page so the entries will be arranged from newest to oldest. Keep in mind, though, that all previous entries will continue as arranged. This new rule only applies from now on. The latest entry is the first to be added according to this new rule. Hopefully, it will make the site easier to navigate.

The previous version (4.0) was too dark and difficult to resize for different screen sizes. Version 5.0 brings the site once again out of frames and hereby easier to print/ save etc. We have also chosen to go with a simpler color scheme (it doesn't get much simpler than black and white) and a more open template. Despite the changes, the site continues to be driven by reader contributions so feel free to send in any ideas you may have to webmaster [at] u2literary [dot] com.

There are a few things to consider in the new site as there were in the old one and all around the internet. Due to evil spam bots, there are no longer easily clickable links to e-mail site management. Please copy and convert the above URL or use the online form. Use a header that refers to the site in some way. Sorry. We wish it could be easier, too. Also, we do not design for all systems and software due to multiple reasons, the main one being no one pays us for this and we have to go out and spend time finding ways to pay the bills. That being said, the site is designed to work with browsers that follow the rules ie. not IE. Get Firefox instead and enjoy a browser that's standards-compliant. The site is optimized for 1024x768. The picture pages by their very nature demand a faster connection or some patience on your part.

All photographs are owned and operated by any one of the team paticipating in this project. Don't take them and pass them off as your own. Don't use them on your websites or blogs. Don't hotlink. You may download photographs for your personal use on your personal computers. We have no real way of enforcing this, but we will defame you if we can. That being said, we're not entirely mean and will consider helping you with your web issues etc if you ask.

Read. Enjoy. Contribute. Rock on. The main graphic above is from a picture one of us took at Croke Park in Dublin during the Vertigo tour's European leg.