Miss Sarajevo...

Italian into English: You're familiar with "Miss Sarajevo", right? Ever wondered what Pavarotti was singing? Don't know any Italian? Well, here's the translation for the Italian opera snippet of the song (Italian fans, please correct this if you find mistakes):

You say that the river
Finds the way to the sea
And as the river
You'll come to me

Beyond the borders
And the thirsty lands
You say that as the river
As the river
Love will come

And I cannot pray anymore
And I cannot hope for love anymore
And I cannot wait for love anymore


U2 Glossary of Terms

Featuring words that sent all but the most scholarly scrambling for their dictionaries. The source for the definitions was Webster's New Riverside dictionary.

intransigent (in tran' si jent) adj . Not willing to moderate a position, uncompromising.

---> Where in U2 did it show up? Staring at the Sun (POP, 1997) "Intransigence is all around..."

supercilious (soo' per sil e ous) adj . Marked by or expressive of haughty scorn, disdainful.

---> Where in U2 did it show up? Bono on the Rocktropolis interview, "It's rather supercilious, isn't it?" when discussing the possibility of a greatest hits album.

parapet (par'e pet') n. A low railing or wall, as along the edge of a balcony; an embankment or rampart to protect soldiers, as in a fort.

---> Where in U2 did it show up? Pops up in the lyrics to "Always", b-side to the 2000 single "Beautiful Day": Put your head over the parapet...